First in Service presents Scandinavia
First in Service presents Scandinavia
First in Service presents Scandinavia
First in Service presents Scandinavia


Land of the Midnight Sun

Welcome to the North with its rugged coastal landscapes, pristine wilderness, colorful villages, ultra-modern cities and friendly locals. Whether you’re looking for outdoor adventures, a unique cruise, urban culture, or family fun, Scandinavia offers a refreshing experience for any traveler. On the southern coast of Norway, Oslo captivates with world-class museums, green spaces and breathtaking fjords. For a truly majestic perspective, cruise along the western coastline of the “Land of Vikings” on the MS Europa 2. Made up of 14 islands connected by bridges, Sweden’s capital Stockholm is a vibrant walking city where old meets new. Finland’s compact capital Helsinki boasts stunning art-nouveau buildings, a flourishing food scene, and lovely beaches. In a land where sustainability matters, where quality of life is reflected in the food and culture, where summers enjoy long days and short nights, no wonder Scandinavians are some of the happiest people in the world!

why we love it

  • English is widely spoken.

  • The uber-cool Scandi design.

  • It’s a modern foodie mecca thanks to the explosion of New Nordic cuisine, known for quality and sustainability.

  • The culture’s deep connection with nature and the environment is admirable.

  • Traveling between countries by rail is convenient and easy.

  • The social scene is chill, yet hip - full of outdoor cafes, bars, restaurants, concerts and festivals.

things not to miss

  • Book a cruise on the MS Europa 2 to see Norway’s magical coastline, including a hike to the spectacular Briksdal glacier, Europe’s largest glacier.

  • Board Oslo’s ski lifts at Tryvann Vinterpark to explore breathtaking trails through mountain forests.

  • Visit the impressive Vigeland Sculpture Park, the world’s largest sculpture park by one artist, in Oslo.

  • Step back in time in Stockholm’s Old Town, considered one of the world’s best preserved medieval cities. Must sees are the Cathedral and Royal Palace.

  • Join the Swedish locals by island-hopping throughout Stockholm’s archipelago to picnic, swim, or go camping in the summer.

  • In wintertime (November to April), fly or take a scenic train ride from Helsinki to Lapland to witness the ethereal Northern Lights.

  • Try a naked sauna, Finland’s national pastime, for an exhilarating and restorative experience.

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Erika Reategui

"Don't you want to know why Scandinavians are some of the happiest people in the world? I am happy to show you!"

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when to go

Choosing when to visit Scandinavia depends on weather and activities. Take advantage of the long summer days and white nights from mid-May to August, when the region explodes in festivals, concerts, and outdoor events. Fall and spring see fewer crowds. To view the Northern Lights, visit Lapland in northern Finland between September and March. Consider a winter visit if winter sports or Christmas markets are high on your list.


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